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H E L L O ,  H E L L O ,  H E L L O !

           My name is Shannon Heldt and I've loved everything art for as long as I can remember. Anything you can do on a canvas to what you can do on a stage, being creative is one of the most important parts of who I am. Drawing and painting were the mediums I gravitated towards first and are still my favorites to work with. Although art will always be my first love, when I was 12 years old, I caught the "theatre bug" and all the singing and dancing along with it! 

           All of my interests have always been centered around storytelling. Dance, Art, Theatre, and now Photography! Photography has been my latest found interest for sure. I first started picking up the camera in 2018 for my photography class as a junior in high school. Since then, I've fallen head over heels for it. Photos are so wonderful in the way that they're all just little time capsules. They hold all the memories, emotions, and spirits of our loved ones in a frame. They each hold their own little story and I wanted to help others have beautiful photos to hold their stories :) 

           I'm so happy and fortunate that I'm able to continue my love of art and creativity into my own little business! Thank you so much for visiting my small corner of the internet and I hope you like what you see :) I can't wait to start creating with you!

  1. My Other Life! I'm freshly graduated from college with a B.A. in Theatre and I'm currently head of marketing for a local community theatre. I'm loving every minute of it!!               

  2. The Sky! I absolutely love the sky. Not sunsets/sunrises though, just the blue sky makes me unbelievably happy. 

  3. Stars! Speaking of the sky, I adore the stars. Anything that has to do with the stars and constellations are so interesting and fascinating to me. The history of it and the overall beauty of them are wonderful.

  4. Personality Tests! If you're into any personality tests, then this is me in a nutshell! I'm a Gemini (Astrology), Gryffindor (Harry Potter-Pottermore), ISFP (Myer-Briggs), and Enneagram 7 (Wing 4). I love all the personality things! I just retook a lot of the tests to make sure it I was accurate for this too, haha.

  5. Music Listening! I LOVE music more than anything. You already saw that I'm a Voice minor, but you can find me listening to music all the time. I love all genres, but classic rock is my favorite.

  6. Cats! I love cats so much. I have 5 and I'm always more than happy to show you all the photos of them on my phone.

  7. Polaroids! I have a whole wall covered in polaroids of my wonderful family and friends. They're awesome and I'm always adding to my collection.

  8. Marvel! Harry Potter! Disney! Star Wars! I love all of it. Movies especially. AKA I'm a big nerd and will forever embrace it.

  9. Instruments! When I'm not listening to music, I'm most likely playing it. I hum and sing  almost constantly, but I can also play piano, bass guitar, and ukulele.

  10. The Forest! I love adventuring through different forests and trails. I'd love to go around the country one day and visit all the gorgeous national parks.

  11. Sunshine! The sun makes me so happy, it's the main supplier of my joy and energy lol. 

  12. Twelve! It's my lucky number, so of course I needed to do 12 fun facts. 


F U N  F A C T S

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